GPS Chemicals Portal

ICCA has established the GPS Chemicals Portal to provide the public with easy access to science-based, reliable information on chemicals. The GPS Safety Summaries contained on the Portal provide the most relevant product safety information from companies on the chemical products they manufacture in a language that non-specialists will find easy to understand. . 
To date, more than 4,500 GPS Safety Summaries are available on the GPS Chemicals Portal, and ICCA member companies continue to post summaries to the site. Establishing a base set of information and publishing GPS Safety Summaries for their chemicals in commerce is part of the GPS commitment of ICCA member companies – and part of the chemical industry's commitment to transparency.


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This portal is intended to provide the user with access to product stewardship information available to the public on ICCA member company or association websites.

ICCA is not responsible for the content posted on these other websites, does not warrant the accuracy of information posted on these other websites, and does not monitor the content posted on these other websites.

Information for the chemicals listed has been developed independently by each company (or in some cases, a group of companies). Each company is responsible for the content of its own GPS Safety Summary.

For more information about the content on these other websites, users should contact the companies that post the information.